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The Johnny Depp Zone's Interview Archive is intended for mature readers. We reprint articles as published, so most contain profanity and/or adult subject matter.

Men's magazines and music magazines are usually more explicit than magazines and newspapers written for a general audience.

Readers, be ye warned.

~ Part-Time Poet


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Friends, Family
and Everything Else

From time to time, we discover articles that we think many Zone readers would find interesting, even though they are not articles about Johnny Depp himself. These pieces are related to JD's interests, activities, or close relationships (hence the category name), so we wanted to include them in the Archives as background; however, we did not want to put them in the main Interviews section because that would be rather misleading. Instead, we have given them their own section of the Archives. We hope you will find something here to intrigue you—we felt they were just too good to ignore.

-- Part-Time Poet

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March -- Details, Mark Ebner

For half a decade, the Viper Room has been ground zero for Hollywood hip. The inside story of the club that defined a generation.

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June -- Gear, Peter Steel

Vanessa Paradis, the French temptress who tamed Johnny Depp.

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September 22  -- Rolling Stone, Douglas Brinkley

Since nothing could bring Hunter back to life, Depp decided to make his buddy's 1977 death fantasy come true . . .